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Negotiated, Uncontested or Litigated

Navigating Negotiated, Uncontested or Mediated Divorce in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties

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Divorce mediation is one of the best ways to calm conflict and peaceably navigate your separation. The Law Offices of Margaret S. Tillinghast offers mediation to clients in the greater San Mateo area who are facing stressful divorce proceedings. Our lawyer can act as a mediator and facilitate a beneficial agreement between you and your former partner. We can provide service in the following situations:
  • Negotiated: A negotiated divorce involves some mediation to satisfy both parties.
  • Uncontested: In this situation, both parties agree to end the marriage.
  • Litigated: A litigated divorce will typically go to court because the parties cannot agree.

Our Lawyer Can Guide You Through Litigated Proceedings as Well

In a litigated scenario, the law and the court will ultimately decide the terms of the marriage’s end. Hiring an attorney for this is essential so that your interests are represented. A lawyer will help you deal with any court proceedings and prepare your case so that you are ready to face the litigation that will lie ahead.

Offering Solutions to Meet Your Needs in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties

Nobody expects to deal with ending a marriage, so when it comes time to file, tensions can be high between former partners. Any conflict that may have preceded legal action will only worsen if you go to litigation. That’s why it is wise to find a divorce attorney who offers services focused on mediation and resolution.

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