Mediation Services for Bay Area Residents



When it comes to legal action, mediation seems like it might be a lost art. Many attorneys immediately resort to litigation without any attempt at forging an amicable resolution, and this may be one of the reasons why our court systems are often so overloaded. Ms. Tillinghast has qualifications that include being a certified family law specialist by CA State bar, holding a mediation certificate from UC Berkeley and being a certified Reiki Master.

Using a mediator may benefit all parties. A mediator who is also an attorney is the first step to help mitigate the stress of legal problems. Unlike typical legal professionals, a mediation lawyer will work with all parties to come up with the best possible solution outside of litigation. The mediator does not represent either party, but functions as a neutral to help resolve all issues. In cases involving spousal support or property division, this is particularly beneficial. The advantages include:
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  • Shortening the average time spent on case
  • Saving on the costs of litigation
  • Avoiding the stress of going to court

Choosing Resolution Over Litigation in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

When looking for a lawyer, you may be trepidatious about the conflict that is on the horizon. Seeking legal representation typically means that you are involved in a dispute of some sort, and it can be stressful to find a family law lawyer who is willing to focus on a resolution.
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